Retaining Walls in Edgemont

Edgemont, PA Retaining Walls are used for variations in elevation, such as a pool placed in an area that is at a lower elevation, to blend into a Edgemont backyard or retain water runoff purposes. Many times you will see Edgemont retaining walls for decoration on the side or the front of a residential property.

Commercial retaining walls for parking lots cut into higher elevations to make more room on a terraineous landscape for more cars to park. The purpose of maximizing or decorating usable land with retaining walls is that it can make a property feel private or attractive.

Basement foundations are nothing more than retaining walls because they separate different elevations while keeping your basement free of the earth suurounding it. Retaining walls are used to enhances the landscape of your property and they also enable more flat space for patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens and so much more.

Retaining Walls

Stamped Concrete in Edgemont

Our stamped concrete work is highly sought after in the Edgemont area.

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Stucco in Edgemont

Sarmento and Sons specialize in interior and exterior stucco, wether it is repair or construcion!

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Concrete Patios & Sidewalks in Edgemont

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"Lou did a wonderful job on my addition to my patio! Even though, I admit, I was nitpicky, Lou and his crew stuck with me until the end and his expertise is outstanding. "
- Bill, Haverown, PA

"I must say that it has been a pleasure to deal with this company. We had a multi-step project and they rose to the occasion! Results exceeded our expectations. Work was done in a timely fashion with complete regard for our wishes for quality. I will use them again and you should as well! Service with a smile. "
- Karen, Malvern PA

"Our retaining wall has been attended to by 7 different contractors in the last decade. Sarmento was the first to give an honest assesment, and now, 10 months later, our retaining wall is still strong. And this is after the worst winter we have seen living here."
- Marina R. Havertown, PA

"I highly recommend using Sarmento & Sons. They are easy to communicate with, punctual, competitively priced, and deliver a good quality product. I had a 30 foot by 16 foot stamped concrete patio with steps constructed by them last spring. We were unsure of what style and color would be best. They provided pictures of previous work and gave us their own recommendations. This was extremely helpful in the decision making process. I could not be happier with the way our patio looks. Thanks Luigi! "
- Evan, Exton PA